Telecoms, phone lines, broadband and more Mutu Solutions
Telecoms, phone lines, broadband and more Mutu Solutions #NeverMissAnotherCall with Mutu's Salon Call Manager
Telecoms, phone lines, broadband and more Mutu Solutions "Without Salon Call Manager we would be losing sales". - Toby Dicker, The Chapel

Mutu Salon & Spa Communication Solutions.

Mutu's communication solutions are plug-in power for your salon or spa.
Hundreds of salons and spas rely on Mutu for their complete telephone and front desk needs.

Increased customer service

Mutu's solutions are proven to make your clients happier! From answering every single call professionally, to providing live call data, to in-salon Wi-Fi and better credit card rates - Mutu drives satisfaction levels through the roof.

End your telephone headaches

We will turn your phone into the best impression and a constant source of revenue. Never again will you be driven mad by the sound of the phones ringing endlessly!

Save thousands of pounds

Mutu's solutions are all business focused. We're salon & spa experts and know how to save lost appointments, drive revenue though promotions and add more to your bottom line.

Mutu - Make the Connection

We connect you to your clients better. We're super fast and have 24/7 ongoing support as well as fully managed solutions so you can simply sit back and concentrate on what you're best at.

Talk to us today about how Mutu can work for your company, covering all your inbound and outbound communications. You can trust us to work quickly and professionally to make your communications work harder for your business. From now on, Mutu will be an indispensable part of your team.

  • Make instant cost savings on your current front desk set-up.
  • Never miss a call and your customers will never hear the engaged tone.
  • Generate more business through powerful professional marketing messages.
  • Work faster and more efficiently with the latest business Broadband services
  • Offer your customers a range of card payment services for fast and easy payment.