Inbound calls are the life-blood of salons and need to be treated accordingly

“Inbound calls are the life-blood of salons and need to be treated accordingly”

Industry Client Call Performance

1 in 5 inbound client calls go unanswered, that’s 20% of the client base not getting through to book an appointment!

Calling Your Salon

Salons are a very personal choice to any client, so it is extremely important to make it clear that they can trust your business. The moment a client dials your number, they are immersing themselves into your world, what happens next will determine in part, how successful your salon business is.

What EVERY Client Expects

Each time a client calls your reception, they are met with a consistent professional welcome that branches into the rest of their call experience, whether you are open or closed, on the phone or not, this familiarity, helps identify with the brand and strengthens the client’s loyalty.

Clients definitely do not want to hear an uninspiring ring tone, engaged tone or unprofessional answer phone prompt. Would you? Dial your salon now, see what happens, take a moment to be a client and go on that call journey.

If you are striving to provide the best customer services possible, then as a minimum you need;

  • An instant professional welcome, providing confidence in the service and the brand
  • A message structure that deals with all possible inbound call scenarios, depending on day & time of the call
  • If reception is busy, additional promotional messages to engage the client, with the option to always leave a voicemail available, thus leaving the client in control
  • Emphasise that the salon will call back

Of course, they can still hang up! How can we solve this…?

Reception Function Focus (and help)

‘It is futile to spend large sums of money on marketing a brand, only for it to stumble at the most critical point in the sales chain’;

The receptionist is the vital bridge between clients and a salon’s revenue. THE major touch-point.

So many times the importance of this function is overlooked. Reception has many responsibilities, answering the phone is just one of them.

But, what is more important than booking in new & existing client appointments?

If this role is executed professionally by empowering the reception function with the correct tools (Salon Call Manager) and training to control the inbound client calls, then this bridge is strengthened and enhanced, equalling greater revenues as every client contact is monetised.

This may require re-examining the entire ethos of the reception function;

If clients call but hang-up, that is a big problem;

  • Lack of Customer Care – ringing out and engaged tones leave the client with nowhere to go
  • When is the salon open? Is it still trading?
  • Client frustration, “ I can go elsewhere”
  • Client dissatisfaction with the brand, “ I expected better treatment”

BUT if they understand your salon culture is to call them back as soon as possible, the chances of maintaining that business strengthens considerably, as they know, even with a missed call their appointment will be secured soon after. Missed calls through Salon Call Manager can trigger a text message to the client to reassure them that we know we missed their call. We can include a link to the salons late availability app to increase the chances of securing the appointment.

How do we know this strategy is successful?

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Ask yourself, “How many calls do we take per day”? And then ask yourself “How many do we miss”?

With Salon Call Manager you have total insight into your main source of inbound business. This powerful information allows you to be proactive and avert a poor reception service which ultimately drives clients away.

We rescue millions of pounds in business each year. Our clients realise a service that pays for itself is an invaluable tool to have. They also realise the power of customer retention. It is cheaper to keep selling to the same ‘happy’ clients as opposed to constantly looking for new ones.

How to do it

We review all our salon client call statistics. Those that understand the power of Salon Call Manager combined with a professional reception service run an average of 9% missed calls and return 93% of those missed calls. In basic terms, almost EVERY client contact is progressed through to an appointment booking. We see these salon businesses growing year-on-year.

Call Manager Call Cost Calculator

If you miss only 1 call a day which could of lead to a booking and assuming your average appointment is worth £50 – that’s £50 x 7 days x 52 weeks = £18,200 annually! Can you afford not to have Salon Call Manager?


Salon Call Manager is an incredibly powerful and flexible solution which has been specifically tailored to help salons and spas, from independents to large chains. It enhances your existing business phone system by providing these additional key benefits to your reception desk;

  • Professional ‘control’ of inbound client calls
  • Call waiting becomes an opportunity to inform, promote and prevent hang-ups with powerful marketing messages
  • Use live call data to instantly return missed calls, rescuing potential lost revenue. Those sales waiting to happen are NEVER MISSED, but ALWAYS captured and monetised
  • Dealing with your clients professionally, the call will never just “ring out” and they will never hear the engaged tone again
  • Daily, Monthly & Quarterly reports enable you to measure the effectiveness of reception and identify your inbound call trends

Additional Benefits

Make instant cost savings on your current front-of-house set-up

Customise the call flow to your own specific business requirements

Allow news & information to be circulated without “clogging” reception

Protect yourself from telecoms failures with seamless, instant rerouting of inbound calls

Instant alerts to text or email when an inbound call is missed or past to answerphone

Record all inbound call conversations, protecting the business

A managed service, so don’t worry we will hold your hand through the whole process and support you every day.


Ultimately, you have more control, a means to increase your brand strength and revenue

What are the alternatives?

If you do not invest in professionally dealing with your client calls, the following can happen…

  • At best you may just get slippage, where a client may end up missing one appointment over the year because they could not secure a timely appointment. Multiply that issue by the client base, the loss of revenue soon adds up!
  • Step away from a client during treatment to answer the phone, or worse, debate with your colleagues as to who’s turn is it to answer the phone.
  • They will call back. Even if this is true, you are inadvertently weakening your relationship with poor and inconsistent client care, coupled with the assumption you don’t need to try to keep them.


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