Salon Guest Wi-Fi Marketing and the Law

Salon Guest Wi-Fi Marketing and the Law

First the LAW…

If you are offering free complimentary Wi-Fi to your clients, please read this quick blog, it could save you thousands of pounds!!!
It is a legal requirement for businesses that provide a guest or public Wi-Fi service to keep a record of all users that have accessed the service.
This information must be kept for a period of 12 months and if requested, made available to the police or security agencies.
These are the three main pieces of legislation that UK small businesses need to be aware of if you set up and run your own public Wi-Fi service on your premises.

1. Data Retention Regulations
2. Digital Economy Act
3. Data Protection Act

Remember, don’t just hand out your password for your private Wi-Fi network

And now the MARKETING…

Offer your clients the following;

  • Secure Branded landing page
  • Login with Social Media
  • Prompt for a Like on your salon Facebook page
  • Display branded banner adverts while clients browse
  • Dashboard reports helping you understand who clients are and what their preferred method of communication is
  • Export contacts and seamlessly integrate with the main marketing solutions out there
  • If you are a Spa client- link to TripAdvisor to get your reviews and rankings up
  • A simple dashboard to get all the vital stats;
    • User Demographics (Age & Gender)
    • Preferred Social Media Login
    • Average Dwell Time
    • Facebook Likes

Clients now expect Guest Wi-Fi as standard, so give them the market leading salon solution

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