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Never miss a client call again…

Hair Salon Interior

Boost salon profit

68% of new clients don’t call back if their first call isn’t answered. Calculate how much missed calls cost you.

Hairdressing Software

Market your salon

Promote your latest offers, products and services with powerful professionally recorded adverts.

Salon Call Manger Receptionist

Manage your team

Ensure your team never miss a call and always ring callers back, with full reporting to keep you in control.

Mobile Phone

Improve client experience

A professional friendly greeting 24/7 and an instant SMS letting them know you will call them straight back.

Business Contact Support

Peace of mind 24/7

UK based helpdesk available to support your business and guide your team every step of the way.

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Centralised group booking

Save money and time with Salon Call Manager’s centralised group booking and never miss a client call again.

How Salon Call Manager works...

Step 1
Your caller is always greeted with a professionally recorded welcome message and never hears the engaged tone.

Step 2
Salon Call Manager then queues the call for you and gives your caller the option to continue to hold or leave a message.

Step 3
If the caller opts to hold they hear a short promotional message while waiting to be connected to your reception.

Step 4
The caller is then connected to your reception desk and makes their appointment.

Step 5
Daily SMS report of all calls sent to your phone keeping you in control.


Never miss a client call again…

Step 1
The phone never rings out unanswered and your caller always hears a branded professionally recorded greeting.

Step 2
The caller is then given the option to continue to hold or leave a message requesting a callback.

Step 3
If the caller hangs up Salon Call Manager sends them an instant SMS reassuring them you will phone them back soon.

Step 4
You receptionist immediately gets a Missed Call Alert, rings them back and books the appointment.

Step 5
Daily automated SMS report displays which calls have not been returned ensuring you manage your team and improve client service levels.


Never miss a client call again…

Step 1
Your caller is greeted with a professionally recorded out of hours message.

Step 2
This greeting directs the caller to either your online booking or to leave a message.

Step 3
The client missed call will be logged in the live view, so reception can call back as soon as they log on in the morning.

Step 4
Salon Call Manager automatically switches the welcome message when your salon re-opens so your team don’t have to remember.

Step 5
Daily, weekly and monthly call reports let you monitor your team, maximise bookings and increase profit.


Never miss a client call again…

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